Weekly Report | Opportunities

For those who follow my writings and always observe the difficult fluidity of entering the overvalued American market, perhaps now some opportunities have begun to appear to lose fear and dive into some shopping. I continue to say that we probably haven't reached the bottom worthy of all-in, but, as we will never know exactly … Continue reading Weekly Report | Opportunities

Weekly Report | “Almost” Bubble!

FINDING REASONS TO STAY AWAY FROM OVERVALUE LARGE COMPANIES, WHETHER PURELY SPECULATIVE OR REALLY PROFITABLE. In the first graph below, allows us to follow the extreme "greed" compounded in the main market of the world. Why a crisis in the American market interferes with the other markets of the world? For the simple fact that … Continue reading Weekly Report | “Almost” Bubble!


Weekly Report | S&P 500 MACRO!

ENJOY WITH A GOOD COFFEE! The "suggestive" title of the first chart represents the massive desperation of individuals operating in the market - in general: Reasons To Sell! DON'T SELL IN DESPERATION! If you are a conscious, rational, controlled investor and can interpret the harmful environment of the markets, you will be able to identify … Continue reading Weekly Report | S&P 500 MACRO!


Unknown Profitable – +936%/12 Years | Stocks Series .10

This is another company founded in 1992 that the market still does not give much importance to its area of ​​operation, despite being extremely important. In fact, the company has spent many years, since its inception, to develop its services with quality, efficiency and reliability. Since 2010 the Company has managed to get its services … Continue reading Unknown Profitable – +936%/12 Years | Stocks Series .10


Undervalued Biopharmaceutical Giant | Stocks Series .9

Another extraordinary company in the American market that is absolutely undervalued according to its strong balance sheets. Nothing happens by chance, but rather for lack of a basic behavioral and rational approach on the part of individuals who act with extreme greed and also ignorance. The Company I am presenting is 40% (or more) below … Continue reading Undervalued Biopharmaceutical Giant | Stocks Series .9


Investing in Space It’s Now! Geospatial and Mobile Infrastructure | Stocks Series .8

"Don't confuse diplomas with knowledge. I didn't go to Harvard, but the people who work for me did."Elon Musk You can't start writing the article about this company without a rational introduction first: People who don't move, don't create anything - they just copy. And in this case, whoever moves makes everything happen in the … Continue reading Investing in Space It’s Now! Geospatial and Mobile Infrastructure | Stocks Series .8


Very Cheap Japanese Bank | Series .6 Stocks

Getting rid of the "common paths" of the markets has great benefits. This is because the individual moves away from the herd effect; acquires larger volumes of shares of companies that no one cares about at bargain prices and values ​​its equity when every market sees Value in this Company. There are several reports over … Continue reading Very Cheap Japanese Bank | Series .6 Stocks


Weekly Report | Expectation vs Reality

ONLY FREE ITEM AVAILABLESubscribe NOW! ONLY $3.89 ANNUAL I'll start this article with the latest weekly data and where the markets are. As noted, I will try to be as didactic as possible in my presentations and justifications - aiming at the new audience on this platform - of what has been happening in recent … Continue reading Weekly Report | Expectation vs Reality

Desconhecida Que Pode Te Enriquecer MUITO a Médio-Longo Prazo.

Oncologia Highlights: Segundo Trimestre Dando mais um ênfase no post anterior, devo mencionar a título de conhecimento geral sobre os destaques da Companhia citada. Vale mencionar também que devido os custos do domínio da plataforma, faz-se necessário limitar os conteúdos apenas para membros que assinam esta plataforma. O valor será fixado em $1,99/ano para que … Continue reading Desconhecida Que Pode Te Enriquecer MUITO a Médio-Longo Prazo.