Weekly Report | Insane Individuals

Sometimes I have an absurd urge to give up the basic and healthy fundamentals that support the concept of "Market" and Economics. It simply became abstract to obtain and trust an adequate, rational and coherent view of the logical movement of this insane world. Those old Newton laws: Law of Inertia and the Law of Action … Continue reading Weekly Report | Insane Individuals


Unknown Profitable – +936%/12 Years | Stocks Series .10

This is another company founded in 1992 that the market still does not give much importance to its area of ​​operation, despite being extremely important. In fact, the company has spent many years, since its inception, to develop its services with quality, efficiency and reliability. Since 2010 the Company has managed to get its services … Continue reading Unknown Profitable – +936%/12 Years | Stocks Series .10


Weekly Report | Personal Vision

Based on the last charts collected, referring to the S&P 500 and NYSE indices, we were able to acquire some rational interpretations that help us to make decisions. I'm not talking about selling anything, however, we managed to remain calm and practice the wisdom to look for Value Companies still with Fair Prices. FOLLOW THE … Continue reading Weekly Report | Personal Vision