Translate That Shit, Foreigner of Yourself..

On this night of writing, Saturday night, I have nothing to write that will please your hungry eyes. Yea! Hungry eyes that search incessantly through the mirror of the world, where they only reflect their own selfishness, still incomprehensible, of their internal illnesses. Go to your own mirror, unique and still available. Observe carefully how … Continue reading Translate That Shit, Foreigner of Yourself..

Eternally Empty

I have no merit in deeply entering Aquina's reasoning, but I rigorously reflect on his vast teachings and withdraw some of his own tiny conclusions that make sense to me: The being is composed of body, soul, and spirit. When there is misrepresenting at least one of these, it will render every man unworthy of … Continue reading Eternally Empty

About My Writings

I don't just want to sell "books". I want to sell an idea, or deliver an idea, a breath of consciousness. My project is not for today, a month or a year, but, for posterity - after my death. I'm writing the third book purely philosophical and spiritual. I'm only 32 years old and Intend … Continue reading About My Writings


I begin this writing by quoting the magnificent approach of a World War II hero, Austrian neuropsychiatrist Victor Frankl. At this time, do not interpret - or return - to the consciousness that the noble Frankl was part of any army, but of the army of the dying. Close your eyes: breathe; Inspire. Remember the … Continue reading Sense