Weekly Report | Opportunities

For those who follow my writings and always observe the difficult fluidity of entering the overvalued American market, perhaps now some opportunities have begun to appear to lose fear and dive into some shopping. I continue to say that we probably haven't reached the bottom worthy of all-in, but, as we will never know exactly … Continue reading Weekly Report | Opportunities


In The End, We Are All Life’s Speculators

https://www.amazon.com/-/pt/dp/B09675CCLF/?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_w=TLXZu&pf_rd_p=6f8f01b9-e98c-4b0d-91cf-a93790267134&pf_rd_r=D2ZA6TETM8AFX5P3MK09&pd_rd_r=50193136-302e-45e7-9a24-009ae06613b0&pd_rd_wg=cZfA3&ref_=pd_gw_ci_mcx_mr_hp_atf_m FREE DOWNLOAD IN APPLE BOOKS E GOOGLE BOOKS I don’t worry that much about tomorrow, after all, your future is nothing else but a speculation. I start this reflection in a very sensitive manner, maybe it will touch your inner side, in your intimacy, and that might make you re-think your own life. Individuals … Continue reading In The End, We Are All Life’s Speculators


No FIM, Somos Apenas Especuladores Da Vida.

https://www.amazon.com.br/gp/product/B093ZL4PNY/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i2 FREE DOWNLOAD EM APPLE BOOKS E GOOGLE BOOKS Não se preocupe tanto com o amanhã, afinal, seu futuro não passa de uma especulação. Começo essa reflexão de uma maneira até sensível demais, talvez toque no seu interior, no seu íntimo e o faça repensar em sua própria vida. Indivíduos crescem rodeados de expectativas e … Continue reading No FIM, Somos Apenas Especuladores Da Vida.


Federal Reserve VS S&P 500

I do not seek in any way to please you with my analyses. On the contrary, my intention always points to a rational, behavioral and psychological control based on facts and data widely disseminated by reputable institutions focused on the financial sector. In this way, by exercising your now rationalized mind, you can maintain an … Continue reading Federal Reserve VS S&P 500

Translate That Shit, Foreigner of Yourself..

On this night of writing, Saturday night, I have nothing to write that will please your hungry eyes. Yea! Hungry eyes that search incessantly through the mirror of the world, where they only reflect their own selfishness, still incomprehensible, of their internal illnesses. Go to your own mirror, unique and still available. Observe carefully how … Continue reading Translate That Shit, Foreigner of Yourself..


Phrases Your Favorite Financial Influencer Will Never Say!

Your Favorite Financial Influencer Will Never Tell: - I created my financial pyramid (ponzi): my followers!Vinícius Capucho I know it took me a while to write something on this humble site, but it always takes time to re-establish ideas and information - especially at the end of a year. Everything deserves a break, a time, … Continue reading Phrases Your Favorite Financial Influencer Will Never Say!



NASDAQ COMPOSITE The divergences in the technology sector are "epic" and 64% of Nasdaq Composite (COMP.IND) annual growth can be tracked in just five companies (Microsoft, Apple, NVidia, Alphabet [Google] and Tesla), which match approximately 3,780 points across Nasdaq (15,630 points). Notice below for inconsistency when sticking only to Nasdaq Total Index, SP 500 and … Continue reading Decompositions

Real Economy vs Narnia Economy

Time is needed when we feel at the point of meltdown. Time is a holy medicine that keeps us on a firm path, with our feet on the ground. Time in writing also demonstrates just that: it's not "just writing"! If the reader still does not understand this ability to 'give time' and is still … Continue reading Real Economy vs Narnia Economy


Weekly Report | Collective Feeling

The real meaning of life should condition the singular individual on the path to the formation of a personal, personalized, individual and, above all, rational character. In a completely opposite sense, humanity systematically absorbs the "facilities" conditioned by Social Engineering massively present in the virtual environment. The characteristic of 'intellectual difficulty' became directly proportional to … Continue reading Weekly Report | Collective Feeling

Weekly Report | “Almost” Bubble!

FINDING REASONS TO STAY AWAY FROM OVERVALUE LARGE COMPANIES, WHETHER PURELY SPECULATIVE OR REALLY PROFITABLE. In the first graph below, allows us to follow the extreme "greed" compounded in the main market of the world. Why a crisis in the American market interferes with the other markets of the world? For the simple fact that … Continue reading Weekly Report | “Almost” Bubble!