A Shot In The Moon Or A Shot In The Water | Stocks Series .7

I'll present a super interesting thesis that involves HIGH Risk x Return. Long-lasting companies that work according to some macro market cycles - whether in the global, regional or local economy. Its Revenues and Profits largely depend on numerous economic, political, social and natural variables. The share price of a specific industry company can range … Continue reading A Shot In The Moon Or A Shot In The Water | Stocks Series .7


Weekly Report | Desired Corrections

More indicators correlate expectations of the reality experienced in American and world markets. The Asian markets, Hong Kong and Shanghai, have been undergoing prolonged corrections for almost a year. Alibaba, for example, has already lost 53% of its stock value. Nio - Chinese electric car manufacturer and self-employed - it has lost 41% of its … Continue reading Weekly Report | Desired Corrections


The Great Break | Chance Of A Life?

Weekly Summary Report on the evolution - or involution - of Markets. There are 5 (five) graphs that demonstrate greater absolute detachments that exist in the pricing of the S&P500 in relation to the reality of the general economy. Consumption gradually retracted while the expectation of rising assets remains intense. Yesterday, 30/09/2021, the largest withdrawal … Continue reading The Great Break | Chance Of A Life?


Weekly Report | Expectation vs Reality

ONLY FREE ITEM AVAILABLESubscribe NOW! ONLY $3.89 ANNUAL I'll start this article with the latest weekly data and where the markets are. As noted, I will try to be as didactic as possible in my presentations and justifications - aiming at the new audience on this platform - of what has been happening in recent … Continue reading Weekly Report | Expectation vs Reality



The famous Uranium thesis and future price perspective according to demand. Follow and think about it often on Uranium since 2019, when we confirmed that the numbers will finally be showing all these years. Reflections, beliefs and studies on the concept of the future of the United States, in theory, are simple, or if it … Continue reading URANIUM!

Unknown? Leading Biopharmaceutical Innovation – Special Cancer and Urological Diseases

76% devaluation since 2018. "I appreciate this! Companies that have become 'forgotten' over a period of time for lack of mainstream media emphasis; also nearly forgotten by analysts and the widespread ability of popular digital influencers to repeat the same things over and over again - always in the same direction I seek on this … Continue reading Unknown? Leading Biopharmaceutical Innovation – Special Cancer and Urological Diseases

An Unbelievable Chinese Company

It is noted that its shares currently lie at $1.64. Don't be alittle stun now, after all, it came to cost only $1.18 in the "little crash" of March/2020. We then proceed to expose what happened to this company, its future prospectus and its probable values by Peter Lynch's formula.

Value History and Indication of Deep Recession

Translate for your language. The image above presents us only a review of the Current Value, Expectations of Return and Leverage totally far from the reasonable of the investors. It is not up to me, at this moment, to make such conceptual approaches on the subject, I just present to the subscriber in the graphs … Continue reading Value History and Indication of Deep Recession

Unknown That Can Enrich You VERY MUCH in the Medium-Long Term.

Oncology Highlights: Second Quarter Giving another emphasis on the previous post, I should mention as a general knowledge about the highlights of the Company cited. It is also worth mentioning that due to the costs of the platform domain, it is necessary to limit the content only to members who subscribe to this platform. The … Continue reading Unknown That Can Enrich You VERY MUCH in the Medium-Long Term.


Last Generation In Cancer Treatment

Translate to the desired language. I start my studies showing the subscriber the first company that lately I am paying a lot of attention due to its extremely effective development against several different types of cancer. The company was founded in 2014 to develop state-of-the-art therapies to serve cancer patients through specialized knowledge of biological … Continue reading Last Generation In Cancer Treatment