Value History and Indication of Deep Recession

Translate for your language. The image above presents us only a review of the Current Value, Expectations of Return and Leverage totally far from the reasonable of the investors. It is not up to me, at this moment, to make such conceptual approaches on the subject, I just present to the subscriber in the graphs … Continue reading Value History and Indication of Deep Recession

Histórico de Valor e Indicação de Recessão Profunda

Translate for your language. Na imagem acima apresenta-nos apenas a revisão sobre Valor atual, Expectativas de Retorno e Alavancagem totalmente longe da racionalidade dos investidores. Não cabe a mim, neste momento, ficar fazendo abordagens tão conceituais sobre o tema, apenas apresento para o assinante nos gráficos a seguir o quanto o comportamento dos indivíduos atuantes … Continue reading Histórico de Valor e Indicação de Recessão Profunda


Last Generation In Cancer Treatment

Translate to the desired language. I start my studies showing the subscriber the first company that lately I am paying a lot of attention due to its extremely effective development against several different types of cancer. The company was founded in 2014 to develop state-of-the-art therapies to serve cancer patients through specialized knowledge of biological … Continue reading Last Generation In Cancer Treatment

New Project. New World

Hello, everyone! Soon, in a few days, I will be debuting on this platform my personal project to expand to my readers and followers my knowledge and studies related to the global financial market, micro and macroeconomics, unknown companies worldwide and their possible returns. Anyone who has been following my work since last year, or … Continue reading New Project. New World

4th – Next Book

What if you discovered that your whole being: your body, ideas, thoughts, beliefs, customs, senses, personality and character were studied, debated and purposely shaped over eight centuries? The goal? Deeply corrupt your soul, your spirit, since childhood - shape the structure of the human essence. Become a sum of being a practitioner and living evil, … Continue reading 4th – Next Book

Mental Prostitution

The executive director of the World Economic Forum and one of the main “revolution” enthusiasts already mentioned: “The fourth industrial revolution is not defined by agroup of emerging technologies; it is defined by the transition towards the new systems that were build on top of the [previous] digital revolution infrastructure”.KLAUS MARTIN SCHWAB Fatally, all that … Continue reading Mental Prostitution


DISCOVER YOUR MISERY EVEN AFTER YOUR SUCCESS. Review by Tanmey: "Money is numbers and numbers never end. If it takes money to be happy, your search for happiness will never end." Welcome back folks, materialism is the current world's truth. We might achieve happiness by fulfilling our materialistic desires but it's not the key for … Continue reading YOUR MISERY


Contradicting the noble philosopher Epicurus, Greek, from the Hellenistic period, I tilt my questions about his ability to report that happiness is fully conquered by acts uniquely humans, since that, it is categorically impossible for an individual to feel completely happy. Even in our conscious, by the infinite movement of thoughts, when there is the … Continue reading TEMPORARY EXISTENTIAL EMPTINESS

Back To The Monkeys

Wandering through random and perhaps shady thoughts, I observe the gear of human consciousness degrading - rusting rapidly over the years. All this gear deteriorating, rotting in its insignificance. Before, what was only likely to behave in purely infant children - infantilized, bestialized, idiotic (why not?) - now, widening on a global scale affecting young … Continue reading Back To The Monkeys

A Monsignor

Part of the interview with Monsignor Guedes, appointed by the former Pope, now Saint, John Paul II. Arriving: I attended to her brother, and another one, and another one, and another one. I went to answer it. Although in that climate of extreme insecurity, uncertainty, despair and pain for the losses – loss is always … Continue reading A Monsignor