Investing in Space It’s Now! Geospatial and Mobile Infrastructure | Stocks Series .8

“Don’t confuse diplomas with knowledge. I didn’t go to Harvard, but the people who work for me did.”

Elon Musk

You can’t start writing the article about this company without a rational introduction first: People who don’t move, don’t create anything – they just copy. And in this case, whoever moves makes everything happen in the short, medium or long term. Either it creates for now, or it creates something for the future, but it has to move. The purpose of this platform is not only to generate some kind of monetary wealth for those who read, but mainly to generate behavioral, emotional, psychological and philosophical wealth (or not?).

The wisdom still so ignored, abandoned, was replaced by diplomas often ‘delivered’ to individuals who made no effort. Those who were, and still are, considered “crazy”, constitute wisdom and move this world. The rest only copies: and whoever copies always comes later.

The company that I am about to present has a contract signed with SpaceX and is a pioneer in acting in mobile telecommunications space infrastructure. Its shares are at the same value as 2019 due to the current fall in the markets, decreasing the Risk x Return and becoming attractive.

With rational portfolio management, it can be very profitable in the medium/long term.


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