Disruptive Technologies 5G / 6E: $6.9 Billion MARKET IN 2024 | Series of actions .5

In this article I will write about one more Company that has been standing out in the Disruptive Technologies area. The previous companies were, mostly, in the Biotechnology sector, encompassing pharmaceutical companies and very high technology laboratories.

Everything that involves – needs – semiconductors is going through an incredible scarcity: from microchips and microcontrollers, to a large part of electronic components in general. Currently, it is almost unimaginable to think of an essential consumer product that does not have some kind of integrated electronic component: vehicles, cell phones, household equipment, lighting systems, residential, commercial and industrial automated systems, generalized monitoring and control systems , systemic and constant automation, from manufacturing to logistical transport and delivery to the consumer.

Based on this very brief introduction, there is a growing urgency to accelerate the process of evolution in the industry. integrated technologies. The obvious need for global industry and also for the interconnection between people and nations depends on an increasingly agile and efficient system: 5G, 6G and later infrastructure.

Founded in 2014, its stock has cost approximately $4 dollars and has now doubled in value. Your future perspective is amazing: so much for your registered patents; its unique products and services related to the very high frequency; and by the “Target Customers” of its very rare patented pipeline.


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