The famous Uranium thesis and future price perspective according to demand.

Follow and think about it often on Uranium since 2019, when we confirmed that the numbers will finally be showing all these years. Reflections, beliefs and studies on the concept of the future of the United States, in theory, are simple, or if it is really hard to find, you will find valid and valuable information for a more assertive subject about the most racist.

I have always reflected on countless and absurd subjects during the course of my blessed days, whether waking up or sleeping: I just think and think. Soon, given the monstrous increase in energy demand, I began to investigate more deeply into the commonly used energy matrices and whether they really support the demanded load.

Note: I refer to “load” in the following sense:

1. A single lit lamp consumes a certain charge;

2. A cell phone charger also consumes another charge.

According to long-term expectations, energy matrices in high use (hydro, fossil, solar and wind) will not support the excessive and practically instantaneous demand that is rapidly moving towards us. It is observed, for example, developed nations and even the Asian and European continent massively abolishing the use of combustion-powered vehicles due to the catastrophic global thermal effect.

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