Value History and Indication of Deep Recession

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The image above presents us only a review of the Current Value, Expectations of Return and Leverage totally far from the reasonable of the investors. It is not up to me, at this moment, to make such conceptual approaches on the subject, I just present to the subscriber in the graphs below the quantum behavior of individuals operating in the markets that are extrapolating their own perspectives on the world economy. We are a clear way to live at the beginning of a deep retreat, which is also the place to experience the glorious makeup through government institutions.

I always emphasize the same idea of ​​obtaining assets that are still undervalued and with prices far below what they expect. The great advantage of this totally coherent strategy is that: even with broader recessions, one continues to buy assets (businesses) at prices considerably below market expectations.

It is well worth reading and interpreting the graphs below. My intention is always to take the subscriber to the macroeconomic reality and constant observation about the absolute importance of Fair Value.


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