Mental Prostitution

The executive director of the World Economic Forum and one of the main “revolution” enthusiasts already mentioned: “The fourth industrial revolution is not defined by a
group of emerging technologies; it is defined by the transition towards the new systems that were build on top of the [previous] digital revolution infrastructure”.


Fatally, all that will rest for us, poor and underdeveloped mortals, is the maintenance of the physical body itself, sustained by bread and water. All the rest is already being consumed. The cattle social leveling, once productive and thinking, doesn’t perfectly happen from night to day, it’s gradual, continuous and progressive for this social prototype.

Our prostitution is mental, yes, in fact, we slowly become mental prostitutes, lethargic and uncapable of bombing oxygen from wisdom in our bloodstream. I take the initiative to describe a programed experience I created to divulge and sell my first published book. The notes I took showed the efficiency of the human mental delay, or intellectual standard deviation, as some “noble” actual thinkers like to stress, after all, the labored vocabulary of the politically correct became so correct that I doesn’t have any idea on how to interpret one word.


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