Review by Tanmey: “Money is numbers and numbers never end. If it takes money to be happy, your search for happiness will never end.” Welcome back folks, materialism is the current world’s truth. We might achieve happiness by fulfilling our materialistic desires but it’s not the key for supreme satisfaction. Its one hundred percent true that ‘ Materialism is an identity crisis’. This book by Vinícius Capucho is guide to pure satisfaction, a profound self help source which introduces the readers to the current world problems and the emotional and mental disorders in relation to it. The author talks about how we, the humans live a life in respect to another people and not by ourselves, how we are so much into the material world that all we have is greed and desires. The author has come up with a detailed and well researched approach where he has highlighted the lifestyle and the perspective of humans years ago and now this will help the readers to understand the difference in the mindset of people then and now. The author writes about the culture, liberty, economy and provides a great context of past and present. The readers will see things from a different vision and this will definitely help them to learn and transform themselves.

A wonderful book, the author has come up with a much needed guiding content for the current generation. The book is well researched and well presented, the author has included legit points and postulates in support of his ideologies. The explanation through butterfly concept literally amazed me. A wonderful guide, I’m glad I got to read this, I’ve also gifted this to my cousin. The cover of the book is well depicted. Many thanks to the author for sharing this, I heartily appreciate your generous efforts.

Book in Amazon: It Was Always My Fault – And the Social Benefit’s Fault

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