Contradicting the noble philosopher Epicurus, Greek, from the Hellenistic period, I tilt my questions about his ability to report that happiness is fully conquered by acts uniquely humans, since that, it is categorically impossible for an individual to feel completely happy. Even in our conscious, by the infinite movement of thoughts, when there is the conquest of a glimpse of happiness, not soon after, other necessities show up that override it. This way, I expose the mental confusion between happiness and joy.

  1. Happiness must be absorbed like something perennial, in a permanent and constant state that keeps the individual in harmony with the being, independently of its human situation.
  2. Joy is characterized by its transience. The man cannot be happy in an instant, last longing or not, but this will be determined by the mean in which he finds himself – his behavior regarding the desire, pleasure, moment, ambition and realization.

Part of the third book: Last Frontier – The Soul’s Path

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