Back To The Monkeys

Wandering through random and perhaps shady thoughts, I observe the gear of human consciousness degrading – rusting rapidly over the years. All this gear deteriorating, rotting in its insignificance. Before, what was only likely to behave in purely infant children – infantilized, bestialized, idiotic (why not?) – now, widening on a global scale affecting young people, adults, and worse, the elderly. Entire generations being misrepresented and imbecilized by artificial intelligence, by the crumbs of “coins” paid for by applications that are turning humans into irrational animals.

Dances, emojis, likes, views.

All generations sumup to only one: the generation of depressives.

Depressed because they don’t know where they came from, and even less so, where they’re going. In fact, they’re not going anywhere anymore, i’m sure. With the massive decrease in labor – replaced by Artificial Intelligence – the growing idleness between us ‘humans’ and, finally, the complete infantilization of humans: many being forced to participate in some of the “crumbs” achievements.

There’s no other way to say this: soon, we’ll be like monkeys.

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