The Last Frontier: The Soul’s Path

How to find our Soul’s path? How to understand where we came from and where we are going? A philosophy, or philosophical principle about the Body – matter – Soul and Spirit. Man, individual, in the labyrinth of his life. At the end of your life.

I interview in this book:
– A French woman who photographs decay. The decay of everything;
– An “Eternal Unconformed”, as he himself called himself. A man of integrity, rich, wise to where books allow him to go;
– A Pastor: the Act of Faith portrays his greatest nobility;
– A Monsignor: philosopher, loving, kind. He received the title of Monsignor by St. John Paul II;
– An old lady on her deathbed: The only material good she had left was the space of her bed.

NOTES: The Book will be free until 07/07/21.

Available within 24 hours: Coming soon, Free eBooks on Platforms: GoogleBooks, AppleBooks and others.

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