The Way Of The Soul

Third Book: The Last Frontier: The Way Of The Soul

My third book is already published in Portuguese, but in up to a week it will be published in English on all major platforms: Amazon Global, GoogleBooks, AppleBooks, Goodreads, Kobo, Lulu and others.

Small Spoiler:

I interview in this book:
A French woman who photographs decay. The decay of everything;
An “Eternal Unconformed”, as he himself called himself. A man of integrity, rich, wise to where books allow him to go;
A Pastor: the Act of Faith portrays his greatest nobility;
A Monsignor: philosopher, loving, kind. He received the title of Monsignor by St. John Paul II;
An old woman on her deathbed: The only material good she had left was the space of her bed.

About the end: yours, mine, ours. The end of it.

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