Who Are You?

The first book, an account of the initial experience of an ordinary person, without much study that it wants to enrich. I teach a little bit of everything, economics and the financial market. But I start to address behavioral issues.

In the second book, which is translated into English, I speak more deeply about behavioral, psychological issues. The same individual who only thinks about getting rich (money and material), needs to know himself, understand that his inner emptiness was probably caused by external circumstances based on someone else’s life (envy, greed, power). Men are living based on the lives of others, blind to themselves. And I demonstrate this by explaining in a simple way, how the economic cycle can directly interfere with your sadness, emptiness, depression.

In the third, my project is to focus on the elderly, whether on their deathbed or entering old age. How material life does not matter as much as they imagined when they were young. Most frightening elderly people neither know themselves nor know who they are, as they lived an empty life, often living stories based on others. Money and matter are passengers. I will write about the spiritual and philosophical life. old people without money, happy for knowing each other deeply and unhappy old people, even rich, for not knowing each other.

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