The Fly

The fly’s nature is to feast on banquets served to the table – too bad not only from tables of our own houses – however, they enjoy the pleasures that even other predators are trying to conquest. They constantly procreate against the free food, of any deceased created. They don’t worry about hunting, working, serving something or someone. The leftovers, already being decomposed, are also the target of this tiny insects. But the flies have an alibi. They are physically and mentally incapable of doing something that makes substantial difference over any act.

One in many of the infinite visions that we must take care of, that at least I particularly take care of, is the absurd and increasing number of useless flies that fly over our heads. I come across the emotional and psychic weakness of the individuals that run from their human responsibilities, or shamelessly rely on someone else’s proprieties. I am not talking only about physical proprieties; I’m also including immaterial and intellectual proprieties. Flies are despicable in any terrain. Or have you ever seen anyone praising this insect?

The exercise of reading and writing, in my case, became essential so I wouldn’t feel like a parasite fly before someone else’s dependency. Admitting to be a fly is the most important variable in the self-knowledge process. Be honest and harsh with yourself, examine the food you love to feast on, but doesn’t take any effort to obtain. The individual weakness starts, absolutely, from the superior reasoning deficit.

About the superior and inferior reasoning, Tomás de Aquino takes that distinction from Agostinho, and says that both are one only power that differentiates by its functions. The superior is the one that considers and resolves eternal things. The inferior, however, takes care of temporal things. (Tomás de Aquino, Soul’s Immortality)

Always my fault. I´m weak.

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