Letter To My Son

“The pause must be purposeful. It is sustained for the construction of a solid organizational foundation of the intellect.”

A more clear look related to the originality of rational quality of life should become a habit over the years of every individual with full intellectual capacity. There is unanimity in today’s Western cultures that preach the instant character for the conquest of each goal or dreams, many of themed, leaving aside the real life that permeates us with the sensitivity of everyday life. The belief in the ease of monetary conquest [of money] excluding productive work is understtaking the value of it.

I come at the public and voracious uselessness of repetitive information aimed at attracting the eyes of people too uncaring about those. Creators [more accurately repeaters] of content, as I like to report, are the great causes of this widespread intellectual laziness disgrace. Scholars slowly abandon, in an almost imperceptible way, their teachings and begin to relay the “more of it”, becoming an orchestra well governed by some speeches of the social-digital environment.

They treat the human being as a puppet, mobilizing large carnaus masses to the dark paths of disillusionment and rational deception. They aim for their own profits to the detriment of the quantitative ignorance of their flock – it is possible to name a herd, because they behave like the grass eaters – being commanded daily by their masters. Social Engineering should be the highest-paid profession of all time. The profession exists, however, is not regulated and worse, it is strongly hidden by professionals in the area. These engineers hold their own intellectual satisfaction and get drunk daily from their unparalleled source of knowledge and for this reason keep their sources, by the seven keys. After all, you have asked yourself: where can I obtain these teachings? Probably yes, but it no longer makes any difference at this point in your life, due to your inner impoverishment, after all, laziness and procrastination are already part of your being, of your carnal matter [body].

Philosophical, sociological and theological issues are no longer part of his life and probably everything has become obsolete from his short point of view. Reading infinity and how humanity has come this far no longer makes any difference to you, because there is already someone who has explained it where it is, in its digital media. The sweet, intimate and romantic individual dumbing, so subtle that it goes unnoticed in your superb life. It clings to news written by third parties, pseudojournalists who were also indoctrinated to see blurrily one side of the coin and clearly the other side of it. Partial to the extreme unconsciously, poor, as animal as the carnary-eating vultures.

“Vultures have an indispensable importance in nature, they contribute to the maintenance and cleanliness of the environment, eliminating up to 95% carcasses and bones of dead animals.”

A brief reasoning already reminds me: therefore, we should not bury the dead, men and animals, because we would end the significance of vultures. However, time itself [chronos] is in charge of the decomposition of the meat. All meat will return to dust, from where you came, regardless of vultures.


With a brief but profound reflection of his own, man will distinguish that his choices, desires and opinions are forged by others, I do not care who he is, but he is. Perhaps this is the greatest failure of the singular, unique individual.

The existing dishonesty of social engineers is such that they usurp the intelligence – even if little – of their neighbor. No other animal has ever practiced such an atrocity.

Do not be fooled, this truth is absolute and covers all areas. Materials and immaterial.

Writings of the second book.

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